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Corpus Christi is a seaport city in southern Texas, commonly known as Copas. It is located on the South Bank of Corpus Christi Bay at the mouth of nuesses river. The population is 305215 (2010), and the urban area is 326000 (1980). The Spanish first came here in 1519 and set up a trading station in 1839, with many Spanish historical sites. Export port of petroleum, agricultural and livestock products. The main industries include oil refining, petrochemical industry, zinc smelting, aluminum smelting, food processing, etc. Due to the mild climate and facilities such as bathing beach and fishing, it has become a famous tourist resort.
科珀斯克里斯蒂 美国得克萨斯州南部海港城市,一般称科帕斯。位于努埃塞斯河口科珀斯克里斯蒂湾南岸。人口305215人(2010年),大市区32.6万(1980)。 1519年西班牙人最早来此, 1839年设交易站,多西班牙史迹。石油、农畜产品输出港。主要工业有炼油、石油化工、炼锌、炼铝、食品加工等。因气候温和,又有海水浴场和钓鱼等设施,成为有名的旅游疗养地。
Victoria is located on the southeast coast of the Australian mainland, adjacent to South Australia and New South Wales in the northwest. It is the smallest continental state in Australia. The northeast is a mountainous area with towering peaks, mostly between 1000m and 2000m above sea level. In the southeast, there are vast forests, numerous caves and lakes. In the west, there are vast hills and grasslands. It is known as the "Garden State", known as the "epitome of Australia". It is not only Australia's traditional economic state, but also Australia's most densely populated and industrialized state A state with the most developed agricultural and animal husbandry production.
A river port city in southeastern Texas. 137 kilometers east of Houston, near the neckis river. The Sabin neches canal connects with the Gulf of Mexico. After the discovery of oil nearby in 1901, it became the first prosperous oil city in the state. Population 123000 (1984). Railway, highway, oil and gas pipeline hubs; Large river port. It is an important center for petroleum processing, petrochemical industry and synthetic rubber, as well as petroleum industrial equipment, shipbuilding, food and other industries.
Galveston (longitude and latitude: 29 ° 17'0 "n, 94 ° 50'0" W) is a port city at the northeast end of Galveston Island in southeastern Texas. It covers an area of 2261 square kilometers. According to the 2000 census of the United States, there were 250158 people, and the population increased to 277563 in 2005. Galveston Island is a large sand bar, and the inner lagoon has become a good natural port. It is an export port for cotton, wheat, oil, sulfur, rice, etc. However, after the opening of the Houston channel, the role of the port has been greatly reduced. In addition, the city has shipbuilding, petroleum processing, nails, flour and other industries. With pleasant subtropical climate and broad waterfront, it is a famous tourist destination.
加尔维斯顿(经纬度: 29°17’0”N,94°50’0”W)美国得克萨斯州东南部加尔维斯顿岛东北端港口城市。面积2,261平方公里。根据美国2000年人口普查,共有人口250,158人,2005年人口增至277,563人。加尔维斯顿岛为一大型沙洲,内侧潟湖成为天然良港,是棉花、小麦、石油、硫黄、大米等的输出港。但休斯敦航道开成后,港口作用已大为降低。此外本市有造船、石油加工、铁钉、面粉等工业。亚热带气候宜人,海滨宽广,是著名的旅游地。
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